PANO – Hoe betrouwbaar is de afkomst van jou pup Pano?

Puppies from Eastern Europe continue to have a bad reputation. Pano infiltrates the international dog trade for months to see for himself how the puppies are traded, and also whether the legal rules are being followed. A reportage made together with Hans Bontinck for the Flemish public service broadcaster VRT.

Vive le vélo trouvé

In July 2013, the VRT program “Vive Le Vélo” collected 100,000 euros from Flemish viewers for a good cause. Filip Huygens investigated what became of those plans … Unicef would use the money raised to buy bicycles “with which sick children can be transported, with which they can be cycled to school or with which […]

Paper Orphans

They still have one or both parents and still end up as orphans on the “adoption market”. It sounds pretty unlikely, but some Nepalese orphanages make it possible. The Flemish Jurgen Conings of the organization “Action for Child Rights” discovered the abuses. Reporter Filip Huygens followed him to Nepal in search of evidence of the […]

Taxi Antwerpen Grozny

Ibragim fled the violence of war in his country ten years ago. He came to Belgium via Poland and has recently acquired Belgian nationality. For the first time in ten years, he can return to his homeland, to his son who was born shortly before his departure and whom he has not seen in all […]